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Talk to me, Harry Winston!


Fen chandelier as sparkly as a Harry Winston creation

I just never grow tired of seeing the alluring Fen chandelier with its spidery rain of glinting crystals—true jewelry for a room that says Harry Winston has nothing on me!

Having been catapulted into 2017 without a soft landing pad in site, it has occurred to me that time will just keep moving along at a dizzying clip regardless of the scraped knees and elbows required to keep apace! With each year, a bit more of the past gets lost as I undertake the busy-ness of a (thankfully) vibrant writing career so I thought as we begin our blogging for the year, it would be refreshing to serve some bubbly—and not just the type that tickles the nose but a little visual bling that says, “Talk to me, Harry Winston!”

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Marilyn Monroe performs

Marilyn Monroe sings “Diamonds Marilyn’s Best Friend.”

I can’t imagine anyone alive who is the least bit aware of pop-culture who wouldn’t immediately recognize the name Marilyn Monroe, but I wonder if you’ve revisited her swank lately. Today, I’d like to refresh your memory as to why she was so captivating by way of this video, which illustrates how her star deserves to shine on no matter how many years pass.


Did you notice the fabulous statuesque women who had become veritable candelabras? What a fabulous bit of choreography to showcase the petite blonde’s power as she sashayed around the set in her sexy pink and black dress, encrusted in jewels!

Our January Harry Winston Moments!

Agave chandlier Currey and Company

The Agave chandelier, designed by Marjorie Skouras, was inspired by the Century plant found in the American desert.

Jewelry seems to me to be the perfect theme for this month’s post because there is so much sparkle in the Currey & Company lineup with shows in Atlanta (January 10 through 17), Dallas (January 18 through 24) and Las Vegas (January 22 through 26).

Diamonds of Design in Atlanta

Kicking off the busy month is the International Gift and Home Furnishings Market at AmericasMart where we’ll have the newest products on view in our showroom in Building 1 on the 14th floor (14F10). We’ll also celebrate the Diamonds of Design vignettes created by a roster of tastemakers, a number of whom have sourced our products for their compositions.

Vintner chandelier Currey and Company

The stunning Vintner chandelier is available strung with flirty green or chic white individually-cut pieces of recycled glass from bottles.

The party will be held on Friday, January 13, from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Vignette Gallery in Building 1 on the 14th Floor. The celebration honors the 60th, or Diamond, anniversary of AmericasMart. Top designers from Coastal Living, Southern Living and the Sunset Designer Network have curated products to represent their favorite era, decade, design icon or moment from the past six decades. Dust off your dancing shoes, the invitation reads; and we’ve done just that as we have Marilyn to sing us into a capricious mood!

Lighting Up Dallas with the ARTS Award

Grand Lotus chandelier Currey and Company

The Grand Lotus chandelier is resplendent in its rich gold and silver finishes.

This month during the Total Home & Gift Market at the World Trade Center in Dallas (Suite 10000), the focus is on lighting and the ARTS Award, as we have been nominated in the fixture category. Our most sparkling designs from the past year are representing us, including the Fen chandelier, the Vintner chandelier, the Agave Americana chandelier, the Grand Lotus chandelier, and the Metro Rectangular chandelier.

Metro Rectangular chandelier Currey and Company

The Metro Rectangular comes in a contemporary gold leaf and a contemporary silver leaf finish.

We put great effort into composing our ARTS Award presentation when we are nominated and this year was no exception. A number of members of our team were featured in the narrative, including Cam Meriwether, the VP of manufacturing, who was asked how the company’s approach to quality control has changed since he came on board in 1997. “Quality has always been at the top of the list, but the world has changed in the last twenty years,” he answered. “The development of our staff and continuous improvement of our processes has ensured that the right people are working on the right things.” Lori McCarver, our Dallas showroom manager, was asked about the Dallas design community, which she describes as “very robust and close-knit.” It’s true and having market come around always reinforces this, as so many people come to help us celebrate high-quality design.

Adding a Bit More Dazzle to Vegas

From January 22 through 26, we’ll “hold court” at Las Vegas Market, Building C, Suite 398. It’s so terrific to be nearer our West Coast clients with this—our newest—showroom open, and I hear many of the team are already resting up for the lively atmosphere that comes with the territory! We’ll have new products on view and celebrations aplenty so make sure and stop by to see us.

Marilyn Monroe at the gaming tables in Vegas.

Marilyn Monroe at the gaming tables in Vegas.

Given her animated performance in the opening video, it’s difficult to believe Ms. Monroe ever ran out of steam, but this photo of her taken at the gaming tables in Vegas proves that the dynamic town makes even the heartiest among us long for a bit of a cat nap! We hope to see you at one of the shows detailed below: we’ll have plenty of bling on hand to be a design devotee’s best friend (you do know it’s even our address, right?)!

January Event Details

International Gift and Home Furnishings Market
AmericasMart | Atlanta | Building 1 | Showroom 14F10
January 10 through 17

Total Home & Gift Market
World Trade Center | Dallas | Suite 10000
January 18 through 24

Las Vegas Market
Building C | Suite 398
January 22 through 26

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