Currey & Company’s collection of brass fixtures highlights the timeless appeal of this excellent material with an up-to-date look and hand-crafted details. Made from high quality solid brass, these items feature both machine made and hand-crafted parts that are expertly fitted together and finished in a vintage antique wash. Our brass items are designed to improve with age and feature a living patina that darkens over time.Untitled-1

1. Gidley Console Lamp 2. Darjeeling Table Lamp 3. Anthology Wall Sconce 4. Chandler Wall Sconce 5. Bellario Lantern 6. Hyde Park Table Lamp 7. Stanhope Chandelier 8. Earl Grey Pendant



A Fine Romance: Valentine’s Day Inspiration From Currey & Company

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and we couldn’t resist putting together a pretty palette of blush and burgundy to celebrate this season of romance! Whether your style is traditional, simple or seductive, you’ll fall in love with one (if not several!) of our dazzling products. Show your home some love and shop our collection today! 1. Paradise […]



Office Attire: New Design Suite at Currey & Company’s Atlanta Office

Over the past summer, the Currey & Company home office underwent a major renovation which included the addition of two conference rooms, an expanded multi-use classroom, a photo studio and an upgraded design suite for our merchandising and design teams. After much planning, we were able to build a collaborative work space outfitted with a large conference […]



Dream Weaver: Currey & Company’s Line of Woolen Rugs

Inspired by historical and tribal designs, Currey & Company rugs are knot tied by hand of high quality wool blend. Subtle colorations are created with Swiss dyes and meticulous craftsmanship ensures that our ethically produced rugs will last for decades. Cecil Adams, Creative Director, provides guidance and expertise in the creation and expansion of this collection. Cecil adds: “Traditional […]



Sunny Disposition: Palm Beach Chic Style by Designers David Ecton & Lance Jackson of Parker Kennedy Living

Now that we’re in the throes of winter, we could all use something bright and colorful to bring some warmth to these gray days. Enter two of our favorite interior designers, David Ecton and Lance Jackson of Parker Kennedy Living. We talked with them about their unique take on a quintessentially cheerful style: Palm Beach Chic. C&C: […]



Happy Holidays from Currey & Company!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas full of joy and peace and a happy and prosperous New Year, from all of us at Currey & Company!  (source)



A Human Touch: Thoughts on Craftsmanship in Home Furnishings by Brownlee Currey

Written by Brownlee Currey You know that new thing that just arrived? That lamp, chandelier, or vase which was just unpacked? There is something you may not be considering: someone, more likely than not, made it by hand. This is true of so many things that we buy: clothing, shoes, jewelry, and most home furnishings. […]



Seating Plan: Currey & Company’s Collection of Custom Upholstery Furniture

Currey & Company is pleased to offer an exquisite line of custom upholstered accent furniture to our customers. With 19 premium hand rubbed finishes, 50 hand carved frames and a carefully selected collection of 59 fine fabric and leather choices, we’ve opened the door to designers to provide their clients a custom look that reflects […]



Happy Thanksgiving from Currey & Company

During this time of thanksgiving, we at Currey & Company look back on the year with grateful hearts. We thank our owners, employees, and especially you, our customer, for another wonderful year. Wishing you joy and kindness in abundance this Thanksgiving. (image source)



Jet-Set Style: Mid-Century Modern Styles From Currey & Company

The allure of mid-century modern styles has ebbed and flowed over the last several decades but, these tenacious styles are enjoying a full blown tidal wave of popularity right now. The mid-century aesthetic features bold, angular and sometimes stark lines and incorporates the punchy, dramatic, and even quirky fashions of the 50’s and 60’s. “The clean lines and tailored look […]